Zeitreise Music

Electronic Music Collective & Record Label

About Us

Zeitreise Music is an electronic music collective & record label founded in 2019, primarily focusing on techno music. It brings like-minded underground DJs from across the world to a single stage where the largest to the smallest artists can spread their passion for electronic music.

ZM in the Kitchen is a recorded series, aimed at bringing electronic music artists across the world together. It allows local DJs to perform on a larger international platform from a simple and relaxed location. From humble beginnings, this collective has already begun to work with artists in Europe and America.

Our label is focused at allowing the newer talent of the Techno world to develop and release alongside the two founders, Oisin and Fluonite. The music is heavily influenced by the German techno scene with an individualistic touch to create a driving selection of music.


Oisin is an Irish DJ and producer who began his love affair with electronic music whilst performing at the age of sixteen. After developing the skills to move a dance floor, Oisin moved to Amsterdam, opening the doors to the world of techno.
His production is focused on the building and release of energy and his debut EP, M√ľnchen Beginnings had the recognition and praise from Mixmag and Hot press magazine.


Fluonite started producing Techno music at the age of nineteen after getting in touch with various other electronic music genres as a teenager.
Fascinated and inspired by german Techno culture he soon developed a unique style blending atmospheric synths, gritty drums and moody melodies to create dark and suspenseful tracks.